Boxing Day Run 2015

The Risknowlogy Pirton Boxing Day Run 2015

The Risknowlogy Pirton Boxing Day Run 2015


Thanks to all who ran in the Boxing Day Run 2015. We hope you had fun.

  • Lost property found: A green beanie hat with a black logo.
  • Lost property lost: A black fit-bit band

The winning pre-race excuse was Jo Laing’s. She wins something from Compress-sport. Her entry is pasted below. Well done to the other winners, also to Turkey Hat Man, Super Santa Man, Grant and the heads-and-tailers, we hope you like your Buffs. We also hope you like the beer – we’re back to supporting a local brewery – Red Squirrel are based in Hemel. You can buy their beers on line if you like.

Jo Laing’s wining pre-race excuse …

Arlsey how it goes but I don’t think I’m the winning Pirton. Also, my feet are Hitchin – could do with an Ickleford massage? Hexton my list is the Luton. Is the other Letchworth giving the prize to? You’d be Preston finding a better excuse than mine! Of course, I’m talking a load of Baldock!!
Online Entry Form

You can enter online via Entry Form and List of Entrants.

Venue and travel:
The Recreation Ground, Pirton, Hitchin,  SG5 3PX. A one-way system for BDR traffic through the village is in operation for safety reasons. Please follow the signs as you enter the village.

Race final details

Final Details link

Here is a link to a map

Car Parking:

If you intend to bring a car, you must book a car parking place. You can select either “A” parking at rec. or “B” car parking in other car parks around the village. “B” parking as at most 600m from the rec. When entries close we will email you a sticker that you should print off and display in your windscreen as you approach the village – follow the signs and the directions of the marshals and you will be guided to the correct car park.

Start Times:

  • 0930 – Car Parks, Registration and Help Desks open. They close at 1045.
  • 1025 – Early Runners 2.5m (short course)
  • 1030 – Under 16s 2km
  • 1032 – Under 13s 1km
  • 1050 – Walkers 2.5m (short course in reverse)
  • 1115 – Main Race 3.2m
  • 1125 – Under 7s 600m
  • 1200 – Presentation (we will do this on time too and we hope you’ll stay for it. If you can’t get round the main race in under 45 minutes, you might like to switch to the Walkers class – then you can definitely be back in time for the presentation).

Maps of Courses:


There are no prizes for being any good at running. We do award a prize for the best (most witty and original) pre-race excuse. Excuses must be entered online. We will email you the link with your final details


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